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We bring your project to life!   We work with you to... 

Develop a concept from your ideas:
We take your ideas and work with you to develop a concept in which the form of your project follows how you want it to function.  Establishing a good framework for your project begins with a clear under-standing of project goals, any practical limitations, and (of course) your budget. 

Develop a preliminary floor plan:

After the initial meeting, to firm up your idea we draw a preliminary floor plan, where we consider spacial arrangement and traffic flow. 

Develop a realistic 3D model:

Often there are things which just don't appear on the flat drawings, but
will show up in 3-D sketches.  Planning your project with both floor plans and 3-D renderings allows us to modify both layout and appearance at the same time.  This speeds up the design process and helps achieve the desired end result quickly.  Often these 3-D sketches and floor plans
can be used to get approval from your homeowner's association
prior to finalizing the plans.

Create the final plans:

Our plans take into consideration the latest building codes, wind
bracing design, and model energy code requirements.  We provide
detailed information for building departments to review which helps
minimize delays during the approval process.  We create "builder 
friendly" plans using methods and notations familiar to most contractors.  We can also provide preparation modification of your existing survey
showing the new project and distances to property lines.  

Due to time constraints our sample plans and renderings will be uploaded around November 1. In the meantime you can request a sample by contacting us directly.
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